Hercules Against the Moon Men

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Title: Hercules Against the Moon Men
Release year: 19Movie genres: Adventure; Fantasy; Sci-Fi
Director: Giacomo Gentilomo
Actors: Sergio Ciani, Jany Clair, Anna Maria Polani, Nando Tamberlani, Jean-Pierre Honoré, Delia D'Alberti, Goffredo Unger, Franco Morici, Attilio Dottesio, Roberto Ceccacci, Giacomo Gentilomo
Movie length: min.

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Good film. Hercules Against the Moon Men at least is a something good and innovative in 196 Do you want and interested in watching film in Adventure category? Then you should not miss an opportunity of watching Hercules Against the Moon Men, the film that certainly make you fascinated very much! Acting such a wonderful actors like: Sergio Ciani, Franco Morici, Anna Maria Polani, Giacomo Gentilomo and you should see how they make the film so nice and so outstanding. It is probably the best Adventure film of the year 196Duration time is: mins that would bring you tons of delightful impressions. Start watching it! Hey? Still waiting? We know that you will like this film.

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